Food For Our Souls

This post is short and sweet, but I wanted to encourage you with a lesson I've been learning about the necessity of having good food for our souls.

When I was watching a documentary recently, I heard a term that really opened my eyes. It's called high calorie malnutrition. Have you heard of it? When I think of malnutrition, I conjure the image of visible ribs and protruding bellies on starving children in some famine stricken country. But that is not necessarily the case. Sometimes people can be malnourished even while eating a high calorie diet. When you eat junk food and don't get enough nutrient dense whole foods, you can end up lacking all the vitamins, macronutrients, and so forth that are essential for health and tissue repair. Hence, the high calorie malnutrition.

That term opened my eyes not just health-wise, but also spiritually.

God's Word is bread for our famished souls. It's also referred to as nourishing milk that we are supposed to crave (1 Peter 2:2). It's exactly what our heart, soul, and mind need to operate the way God intended--fully relying on Him for sustenance. The Word of God is food for our souls

Yet despite the fact that I know full well that the Word of God what my soul needs, I go through seasons where I don't spend time "eating" it the way I should. I don't treat it like the feast that it is. Can you relate? 

Until recently, I would have imagined my starving spirit as a bloated-bellied child languishing for lack of food. But really I think of it more as high-calorie malnutrition. You see, it's not just a lack of food for our souls that's the problem. The problem is that we replace our precious time feasting and communing with the Lord with a lot of other attractive things that have bring no spiritual value. Other things--even good things--begin to replace my time with Jesus if I am not careful.

I love a lot of foods that aren't good for my body. They either add zero nutritional value or they can even cause inflammation. If I am going to eat in a way that will bring and sustain health, I have to be very intentional about it. Otherwise the not-so-great food options can win out. It's really the same with my spiritual life. There are seasons when feasting on the Word of God comes very naturally. And there are other seasons that I have to really be intentional to protect my time with the Lord. And sometimes I haven't been so good about that. And as a result, my relationship with God suffers. I suffer. My family suffers. Others suffer. I have a hard time remembering God's faithfulness in the midst of times of darkness. My soul has a hard time fighting off all the lies that Satan and the world throw at me. And I start to fall apart spiritually. I love the quote,"A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't."

"A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't."

the Word of God is food for our soulsThat is why I think having a plan for my time with the Lord is so incredibly necessary. And accountability is an absolute must for me. I just can't do it alone. Right now, I'm just starting out on a Bible reading plan put out by Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. I love how it's called the Keep the Feast Bible Reading Challenge. Definitely appropriate! If you are looking for a reading plan and some accountability, I highly encourage you to join not just me, but also thousands and thousands of other women, in this challenge.  There is a printable reading calendar (that's so pretty, by the way!) Or if you like to use the YouVersion Bible app, the reading plan is on there under #keepthefeast. I like using both because I frequently will listen to my chapters for the day in the car if I am having one of those crazy, hectic days (you know what I am talking about.)

Come join me! Together, let's grow in our walk with the Lord and fight high-calorie spiritual malnutrition!! 



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