How vision affects reading skills and literacy. Advice from an occupational therapist. Flamingo Feathers podcast for special needs homeschooling.

How Vision Affects Reading Skills | Episode 15

Oftentimes suspected learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD and problems with reading can actually have an underlying undiagnosed vision component. My guest for this episode is Sarah Collins, an occupational therapist by training. She is also a homeschool mom and uses her OT knowledge to serve the homeschool world, helping homeschooling families implement occupational therapy …

Are you wanting to teach your child with special needs how to read? Top 5 Curriculums to teach your child with learning disabilities how to read. Flamingo Feathers podcast episode 7.
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My 5 Favorite Curriculums To Teach Your Kids With Learning Disabilities How To Read | Episode 7

Teach Your Kids With Learning Disabilities How Read With These Curriculum Choices I think teaching a child to read is one of homeschooling’s big rewards. Every child is different, and every child’s reading ability is different as well. But I want to encourage you if you have been discouraged, feeling like your child will never …