Hi there! I’m Beth Corcoran. Wife, adoptive mom, homeschooler, special needs mom and advocate, green tea fanatic. I am passionate about serving the special needs homeschooling community. Seeing our kids thrive is what makes my heart smile!

My husband and I live in Oklahoma, where we raise our 8 adopted children.

I am a certified social studies teacher by trade. So at heart, I’m an educator. I love the look in my students' eyes when things finally click! I can't wait to help you as well! As I write this, we’re in our 11th year of homeschooling six of our kids. And we also have two kids in public school. So we’re pretty eclectic when it comes to education, and I am a firm believer in choosing the schooling option that best serves your family's needs! Our family is also part of a homeschool co-op, where I get to torture...err….I mean teach...high school history and English classes (yay for using my degree). I also serve on the Board of Directors for that co-op.

Our family is very involved in our local church. My relationship with Jesus Christ is extremely important to me, and honestly the only thing that has gotten me through some of the trenches of parenthood. We have a son with Down syndrome, and he has inspired me to advocate not just for him, but also for those who have no voice. I am passionate about finding adoptive homes for orphans with Down syndrome. One day I’d love to adopt more children with Down syndrome.

Throughout our years of homeschooling, we've learned to adapt and change. We've learned it's okay to get rid of a curriculum that doesn't work--even if it is midyear. Our children are diverse and each has their own gifts and struggles. In our home, we're learning what works best for our kids' needs. In particular, I have extensive experience helping children who have severe dyslexia, working memory struggles, speech issues, behavioral and mental health struggles, as well as giftedness. I am daily reminded that flexibility is definitely the key to success, right?!

Probably not a surprise from the title of this page, but I am kind of obsessed with all things flamingo. They are just so delightfully quirky! I’m also naturally very inquisitive. I’m always learning to do something new—whether it’s business, school, craft or home related. Because of that, I'm a self-proclaimed podcast, Pinterest, and blog junkie. And I love crafts—especially knitting. So it just made sense that I would want to pass along all the things I’ve been learning to you through blogging and podcasting.  I am so pleased you’re here and I’m excited for the opportunity to encourage and equip you for success in your homeschooling journey!

Blessings upon blessings,