Finding Success with Dyslexia

Finding Success with Dyslexia | Episode 33

From struggling with undiagnosed dyslexia and a 1.9 GPA to earning two PhDs.

Finding Success with DyslexiaMy guests for this episode are Dr. Michael and Nheree Gotcher.  Nheree joined me previously in Episode 4 and Episode 5. In this episode, you'll hear the inspiring story of how Michael overcame the challenges of dyslexia to go on to became a nurse practitioner and earn two PhDs. Yes, you read that correctly...two PhDs! You will also hear from Nheree and Michael about how dyslexia has affected their homeschooling philosophy.  No matter your child's diagnosis, listening to this episode will leave you encouraged.

Dr. Gotcher highly recommends seeing a psychologist or other specialist to get a specific diagnosis if you suspect that your child may have learning difficulties. He says that having an official diagnosis opens the door for resources and accommodations that are only available to those who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. 

Dyslexia resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation (check your state's website to find information for where you live.)
  • Colored overlays
  • Swift Scan Pro (phone app)
  • VBOOKZ reader phone app
  • Voice Dream phone app
  • Speechify app (Dr. Gotcher recommends playing around with the speed, gender, and accents of the reading voices in any of the reader apps until you find the ideal voice for comprehension)
  • Working with textbook companies to get alternative audio or pdf optionsThrough dyslexia you learn patience

Book recommendation:

  • The book Beth mentioned in this episode is The Shallows by Nicholas Carr.

Dr. Michael Gotcher, PhD, APRN-CNP, CNS operates his clinic, Ignition Health in Wellness in Norman, Oklahoma. You can find out more about the clinic at his website or on his Facebook page.

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