Layer Cake Flamingo Feathers Podcast Episode 32

Layer Cake: Vacations, an Author Interview, and Charlotte Mason | Episode 32

Some people call it a variety show. I'm going to call it a Layer Cake episode. Because that is way more fun (and yummy!) This episode of the podcast has three mini-episodes.

Part I: Interview with Shelly Moorehouse

Layer Cake: Flamingo Feathers episode 32In this first segment you'll hear from guest Shelly Moorehouse, who shares some expert tips on vacationing safely and sanely with kids who have special needs. Shelly joined us for Episode 30, where she shared about her family's experience with roadschooling. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's fascinating!

But Shelly is no stranger to traveling and gave some great recommendations about taking family vacations with kids who have special needs. You'll hear tips for keeping things low key and predictable, as well as ideas for keeping kids safe and avoiding meltdowns.

Shelly and her wealth of resources can be found at Family Adventure for All.

Part II: Interview with Cindy LaJoy and Natalie Vecchione

In part 2 of this episode, you will hear from Cindy La Joy and Natalie Vecchione, authors of Blazing New Homeschool Trails: Educating and Launching Teens with Developmental Disabilities as they share the story behind their new book.

Cindy La Joy is the founder of Blue Collar Homeschool, which is an online resource for homeschool families who do not have college bound kids. There is also a Facebook group of the same name. In the book, Cindy shares about her family's unique ice cream and pizza shop, Buckaroos Slices and Scoops, which employs individuals with developmental disabilities. It's such a neat place that I wanted to be sure you had the link to the website!

Natalie Vecchione is the co-author of Blazing New Homeschooling Trails. She and her husband run the FASD Hope podcast. And Natalie has been featured in two previous Flamingo Feathers episodes (Episode 21 and Episode 25). So be sure to go back and listen if you have not yet met Natalie.

Part III: My Love for Charlotte Mason

Finally, you'll hear from me as I share more about my love for all things Charlotte Mason and what I am hoping to accomplish with character training this year in my homeschool.

I've shared before how much I love the changes I've seen in my kids' memory since starting Charlotte Mason style homeschooling, but in this episode, I'm going to share with you what I am hoping to achieve by building character.

In the episode, I mentioned that we are going to be Charlotte Mason purists this year....well, at least as much as I can while still making modifications for my kids that need them. Here's the quote I referenced:

"I can only point to the unusual results we obtain through adhering not 'more or less,' but strictly to the principles and practices I have indicated." -Charlotte Mason, Towards a Philosophy of Education

Do you want to learn more about Charlotte Mason's methods? I'm in no way claiming to be an expert. I'm learning right beside you. But, if you would like to join our monthly Flamingo Feathers book discussion, we are working through Charlotte Mason's book Home Education this school year. You can find more by joining the Flamingo Feathers FB group.

You can also check out Episode 24 and Episode 31 (no show notes) for more information about using Charlotte Mason's methods with kids who have learning disabilities.

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