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Teaching Learners With Down Syndrome to Read and Write

Learners with Down Syndrome can and should learn to read and write!

teaching learners with Down syndrome to read and write
courtesy of Terry Brown

Students are not taught as capable learners when they are taught in a way that doesn't fit how their brain works. Terry Brown, author and creator of the So Happy to Learn curriculum, has taught hundreds of students with Down syndrome how to read and write.

While life skills are doubtless very important for students to learn, there must be so much more to their education. They are capable learners and can learn to read and write. While every child is unique and will accomplish different levels of reading and writing, learning academics is a way to give our learners with Down syndrome (and other learning disabilities) the dignity they deserve.

In this episode, you will find out more about how her curriculum works, but also gets some great ideas on how to help your child with Down syndrome become a more proficient reader and a better writer. You're going to love what Terry has to say! Teaching Learners with Down Syndrome to Read and Write

What about homeschooling a student with Down syndrome?

Terry and I also chatted about homeschooling students with Down syndrome. When a family chooses to homeschool their child with Down syndrome, it seems that there often is a lot of pushback from public schools as well as the community.

teaching learners with down syndrome to read and write
courtesy of Terry Brown

So is homeschooling the right choice? While every family has to make their own educational choices, you'll hear why Terry feels that homeschooling is a wonderful and viable option for learners with Down syndrome.


Terry mentioned that she originally built her curriculum around the principles she learned in Patricia Oelwein's book, Teaching Reading to Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.

You can find out more about the So Happy to Learn curriculum, as well as the Facebook group (which is I feel is a necessary component of the curriculum) here.




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