Switching Gears Mid-Year

Switching Gears Mid-Year | Episode 26

There's nothing wrong with switching things up in the middle of your homeschool year.

In this first episode of Season 2, I share why our family is not just changing homeschool curriculum, but also how we approach everything as we delve into Charlotte Mason's educational method.  This is an off-the-cuff episode that will hopefully encourage you to reconsider your family's needs in the middle of the school year and fearlessly change gears mid year if you need to do so.

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Want to see the puppy that was barking in the background? Here is Bandit. Isn't he cute?! He's a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. (We have 3 of them now.) I wonder if a dog could be the official mascot of Flamingo Feathers.....

Do you have a question, word of encouragement, tip, etc for other special needs homeschooling moms? Be sure to email me and I will share your thoughts on an upcoming podcast episode!

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