How vision affects reading skills and literacy. Advice from an occupational therapist. Flamingo Feathers podcast for special needs homeschooling.

How Vision Affects Reading Skills | Episode 15

Oftentimes suspected learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD and problems with reading can actually have an underlying undiagnosed vision component.

How vision affects reading skills, advice from an occupational therapist, Flamingo Feathers podcast for special needs homeschoolingMy guest for this episode is Sarah Collins, an occupational therapist by training. She is also a homeschool mom and uses her OT knowledge to serve the homeschool world, helping homeschooling families implement occupational therapy skills in their home.

In this episode, you'll learn how vision is so much more than just acuity. It also involves tracking, convergence (eyes working together) and more! Sarah shares her own experiences with her son's vision issues that affected his reading skills. And she also shares what to look for and how to get help if you do suspect a vision issue.

Signs That Your Child Might Have Vision Issues

  • Struggles with reading
  • Has learning disabilities like Dyslexia or ADD/ADHD
  • Moves head back and forth when reading
  • Skips lines when reading
  • Trouble reading right to left

Resources To Find Vision Help

Connect with Sarah to Find Out More!

Sarah offers consultations for homeschool families. Contact her to find out more!

Collins Academy Therapy Services

Sarah has generously offered Flamingo Feathers listeners 10% off a consultation. Just mention this podcast! 

Currently teaching your child how to read? Check out these excellent learn-to-read resources! 

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