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Episode 7: Special Evenings With Your Kids + Celebrating Daughters

Today's guest is Shannon Covel, a precious woman I know from our homeschool co-op, and mother of 6. She has a lot of wisdom to share!

On this episode of the Big Flock Mommas podcast, you'll hear Shannon share how she built special memories with her large family when her kids were younger and she had several very young children at once. She shares how she and her husband created special evenings for her children so they both could have one on one time with each child. And Shannon also shares how she gets one on one time with her children now that they are all teens and adults.

Also, Shannon shares about her creative business that serves women In all seasons of life.  Learn how moms can celebrate and educate our daughters when they enter the new and sometimes overwhelming season of starting their monthly cycles. Shannon shares how we can teach our daughters to embrace "that time of the month" with some pampering products. And she also shares some great natural products she has for women in other seasons in life. So whether you are newly pregnant, have a newborn, or even are entering menopause, Shannon has some great ideas for how to thrive in that season.

“Throughout time, no matter our race or place in history, our cycles are something that connects us all together. We are a sisterhood, and each season should be celebrated and embraced.”

If you are looking for creative ways to really connect with your child (regardless of age), or If you have daughters this Is must listen!

Check out Shannon's business at Seasons of Sisters.

Want more ideas to connect with your child?

Is the idea of creating special nights for your kids so much fun?! I can't wait to implement it in my home! But if you are looking for other ways to connect one on one with your child, I've put together a list of some great ideas! Bonus, they are all low or no cost!

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