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Episode 6: Homeschooling Without A Dedicated Space

In this episode, I shared about how I have had to get creative with homeschool storage because our current home doesn't have a dedicated homeschool room.

I take you on an audio tour of how I store our homeschool items in a closet, as well as on shelves in our dining room. And I walk you through how to create a giant chalkboard very inexpensively. We live a lot of life around our dining table. You can get a glimpse into life in our multipurpose dining room on my Instagram.

As promised in the episode, here are some photos of our dining room, and also one of the closet with the carts in it.

Here are links to some of the items I recommended in this episode. I'm not an affiliate. Just sharing to be helpful!


I couldn't find the exact type of board that we bought for our chalkboard, but this is very similar and inexpensive. You could use it as is for a whiteboard, or you could sand it and paint it with multiple coats of chalkboard paint to turn it into a large chalkboard (which is very stylish right now!) We put a little wood trim around ours to finish it off.

Rolling Carts

We use carts that were purchased from IKEA and Aldi. But I have seen similar ones a many different stores. Just use what fits your space! Here's a link to carts from Michael's.


After trying all sorts of bins and baskets for our cubby shelf, I finally switched to heavy duty metal baskets that my kids couldn't tear up. I love them! And they'll last for years to come. Well worth the investment! I picked them up at Target.

Oh and one last tip that I didn't mention in my podcast, but is super helpful!! Painter's drop cloths make amazing table cloths! My kids can paint or do crafts, and then I can just throw it in the wash.



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