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Episode 5: Big Family Hospitality

hospitalityBig families have a lot going on! But God still commands us to show hospitality to others. In this episode, I sit down with my friends Angie Bushey and Janet Banks--a mother and daughter who do a great job at showing hospitality to others.

Both of these mothers have four children, and yet have found time to serve others through hospitality. In this Interview they share their wisdom and encouragement In how to show hospitality even when circumstances aren't Ideal. We don't have to have Pinterest worthy homes--In fact, we don't even have to be In our homes to be hospitable. Find out how to serve others when your budget Is tight, when you have littles underfoot, and more! Plus you'll get some great wisdom on how to teach your kids to show hospitality as well.


"With entertainment, you're impressing. With hospitality, you're blessing."

"All this chaos is going on but I'm glad you're here."



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