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Connect With Your Child

Truly Connect With Your Child

I get it...time is limited when you have a large family! And as our kids grow older, they are off doing a million other things. Getting good one on one time like we want is really hard. We have to FIGHT for it!!

There are a couple things you can do to really connect with your child when you do have time with them. These tips will help you maximize your time--even if it is just 10 minutes.

First of all, I talked about the importance of not using our one on one time to correct or discipline our children. That way it is something they look forward to, and they can truly feel connected.

Also, I talked about the importance of considering your child's love language as well as personality (are they spontaneous or do they like predictability?) I do not think that the love languages are the be all, end all. But they are a valuable tool to help us pick activities to really maximize time with our kids, especially when it is limited.

I also mentioned my list of one-on-one activities that I have compiled. If you have more activities that have worked well for your family, I invite you to email me at with those suggestions and I'll add them to the list!

Want to build a stronger connection with your child?

I've put together a list of one on one activities that will really help you connect with your child! I've even broken them down by age group and love languages. So you'll be sure to find something that works well for you! Plus, they are all free or low cost ideas (bonus!)

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