Episode 2: Teaching Stewardship

Show notes for Episode 2: Teaching Stewardship

teaching stewardshipIn this week's episode, I shared why I think teaching (and modeling!!) Stewardship to children is so important. I shared some encouraging outcomes I have seen in my own children, as well as some areas that I struggle personally.

I covered stewardship in these areas:

  • Toys and Clothing: I mentioned this blog post about limiting laundry and clothing items.
  • Time: I shared that this is an area of life that I feel I am strongest at, yet I still have some things to work on
  • Money: I shared the importance of saving, tithing, and being charitable with money
  • Earth: I shared the difference between modern day environmentalism and earth stewardship
  • Health: I mentioned this blog post that explains why I use the term self-stewardship, not self-care.

In the podcast, I shared my version of a passage from Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, in which the Screwtape teaches Wormwood to tempt his patient into thinking that he could actually truly possess anything. Here's a link to the full passage. 

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