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Teaching Learners With Down Syndrome to Read and Write

Learners with Down Syndrome can and should learn to read and write! courtesy of Terry Brown Students are not taught as capable learners when they are taught in a way that doesn’t fit how their brain works. Terry Brown, author and creator of the So Happy to Learn curriculum, has taught hundreds of students with …

Date night
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Date Night Ideas For Busy Special Needs Parents | Episode 28

As homeschool moms and special needs moms, we really look forward to those little breaks when we can just hang out with our spouses, right? For me, something as simple as wandering aimlessly around Target can be so refreshing when I am doing it with my husband. It’s been a weird year and I know …

Homeschooling through the hard winter months
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Pressing On Through the Hard Winter Months | Episode 27

Subscribe to the Flamingo Feathers Newsletter Homeschooling through the dark days of winter can be hard. Let’s face it. Those dreary months of January and February can make us want to throw in the proverbial towel when it comes to homeschooling. If you are new to homeschooling your kiddos, it is important to know that …

Switching Gears Mid-Year

Switching Gears Mid-Year | Episode 26

Grab the Flamingo Feathers Newsletter There’s nothing wrong with switching things up in the middle of your homeschool year. In this first episode of Season 2, I share why our family is not just changing homeschool curriculum, but also how we approach everything as we delve into Charlotte Mason’s educational method.  This is an off-the-cuff …

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Homeschooling In A Highly Regulated State | Episode 25

Grab the Flamingo Feathers Newsletter **A Quick Note from Beth… This podcast episode is just two moms having a conversation about state laws. Hopefully you’ll find some advice you can use, but please note this is not at all a substitute for seeking legal advice. We are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. Natalie …

A Charlotte Mason Education For Special Needs Learners
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A Charlotte Mason Education For Special Needs Learners | Episode 24

This Charlotte Mason episode is the second installment in the Homeschool Philosophy Series. You can check out the first episode on Classical Education here. My guests for this episode are the three delightful hosts of the A Delectable Education podcast, Liz Cottrill, Nicole Williams, and Emily Kiser. All three ladies are experts on Charlotte Mason’s …

Dance is for everyone
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Side Notes: Dance Is For Everyone! | Episode 23

Side Notes episodes are not necessarily about special needs homeschooling, but are topics of interest to the special needs or homeschooling communities. Anyone can dance. No matter their physical abilities. That’s what my guest Shannon Wrights passionately believes. In fact, Shannon has founded Aspiring Attitudes, a dance studio for people of all abilities.  As she …

Moms Like You FASD Hope
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Moms Like You: Natalie Vecchione and FASD Hope | Episode 21

Join the Flamingo Feathers Newsletter Natalie Vecchione is an FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) parent advocate, homeschooler, podcaster, but MOST importantly… she’s a wife and mom! She began homeschooling  6 1/2 years ago, when noticing how many accommodations her son (later diagnosed with an FASD) needed.  After his diagnosis, she began advocating for FASD by …

Classical education for the special needs homeschooler
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Classical Education For Special Needs Learners: Homeschool Philosophy Series | Episode 20

In this first installment of the Homeschool Philosophies Series, we are addressing Classical Education. I am very blessed to have been able to interview Cheryl Swope for this episode. Cheryl is the author of the book Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child as well as the Simply Classical curriculum for Memoria Press. Both the …

Time Blocking: The Homeschool Scheduling that actually works for special needs families, Flamingo Feathers Podcast for special needs homeschooling. Episode 17
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Time Blocking: Homeschool Scheduling That Works| Episode 17

One skill I’ve learned that has been particularly useful to my family is the skill of keeping a type of schedule called “time blocking.” It has dramatically changed how I run my days and how I relate to my kids. In fact, I think time blocking is the perfect scheduling solution for all homeschooling families–whether …