Classical education for the special needs homeschooler
Podcast, Homeschool Philosophy Series

Classical Education For Special Needs Learners: Homeschool Philosophy Series | Episode 20

In this first installment of the Homeschool Philosophies Series, we are addressing Classical Education. I am very blessed to have been able to interview Cheryl Swope for this episode. Cheryl is the author of the book Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child as well as the Simply Classical curriculum for Memoria Press. Both the …

Time Blocking: The Homeschool Scheduling that actually works for special needs families, Flamingo Feathers Podcast for special needs homeschooling. Episode 17
Podcast, Time Management

Time Blocking: Homeschool Scheduling That Works| Episode 17

One skill I’ve learned that has been particularly useful to my family is the skill of keeping a type of schedule called “time blocking.” It has dramatically changed how I run my days and how I relate to my kids. In fact, I think time blocking is the perfect scheduling solution for all homeschooling families–whether …

How to turn inexpensive file folders into games and lapbooks for your homeschool. Flamingo Feathers Podcast for special needs homeschooling.

The Humble File Folder: A Homeschooler’s Favorite Tool | Episode 16

Get the Flamingo Feathers Newsletter!  File folders… They are inexpensive and easy to find. And yet this simple piece of folded cardboard is easily one of my favorite tools for my homeschool. In this episode, you’ll learn how to turn plain file folders into games that will grab your kids’ attention and reinforce new skills. …

How vision affects reading skills and literacy. Advice from an occupational therapist. Flamingo Feathers podcast for special needs homeschooling.

How Vision Affects Reading Skills | Episode 15

Oftentimes suspected learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD and problems with reading can actually have an underlying undiagnosed vision component. My guest for this episode is Sarah Collins, an occupational therapist by training. She is also a homeschool mom and uses her OT knowledge to serve the homeschool world, helping homeschooling families implement occupational therapy …

Let's talk about math for special needs homeschoolers, Flamingo Feathers podcast for special needs homeschooling
Podcast, Curriculum

Let’s Talk About Math | Episode 14

Let’s Talk About Math! Teaching math to our special needs homeschoolers. Does that cause frustration and headache for you? It seems like math is a very polarizing topic. It’s either something that homeschooling moms love, or it’s something we avoid. In this episode, I shared four different math curriculums that have helped my special learners, …

Moms Like You: Kim Cusimano shares her advice on advocacy and homeschooling kids with special needs. Now that she is parenting adults with disabilities, she shares what she wishes she had known when her kids were younger. Flamingo Feathers podcast, special needs homeschooling Episode 13
Podcast, Moms Like You

Moms Like You: Kim Cusimano | Episode 13

Kim Cusimano is my guest on this episode. I think you’re going to love listening to all of the wisdom she has to share! Kim is parenting her 4 adopted children–3 of whom are young adults now. Two of her children have special needs, including early onset schizophrenia and CHARGE syndrome. Kim’s family homeschooled during …

The Importance of Working Diet and Exercise Into Your Homeschool Day, Flamingo Feathers podcast episode 10, Special needs homeschooling life.

The Importance of Working Diet and Exercise Into Your Homeschool Day

Subscribe to the Flamingo Feathers Newsletter * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Building A Foundation of Diet and Exercise This week’s podcast guest is my dear friend Carol Ann Lindley. She’s no stranger to special needs homeschooling. She has two sons, and her oldest has Sensory Processing Disorder. Due to that, …

Moms Like You: From Public School and PTA to Thriving Homeschooler, Flamingo Feathers Podcast Episode 8, Special Needs Homeschooling Life, Stacie shares why she homeschools her child with Dyspraxia
Podcast, Moms Like You

Moms Like You: Stacie Warner | Episode 8

Stacie is no stranger to homeschooling a child with special needs. It all started with motor skills issues that didn’t quite seem right. Once they finally got their son tested and received a diagnosis of dyspraxia, she and her husband eventually decided homeschooling would be the best route for their family. Challenges While it was …