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The Big Flock Mommas Podcast – Coming Soon!

It's been a while since I posted. Now that we are fully back into the swing of things with our school schedule, it's time to get back to blogging. But not just blogging anymore. That's right! I'm entering the world of podcasting! Introducing the Big Flock Mommas Podcast!

Now, I will be quick to say that it is not yet up and running. So don't go searching on your favorite podcast app quite yet. It is coming in the very near future--once I work out a few kinks.

Why A Podcast?

Podcasting seems to be super popular these days. And for a good reason! You can listen to them anywhere! I personally am a self-proclaimed podcast junkie, so it only seemed right that I would put out my own podcast.

And since the Big Flock Mommas podcast is for, well....Big Flock Mommas (moms of large families), I figured putting material in audio format will make it much more accessible during busy days. I personally listen to podcasts while cooking, getting dressed, or even in the shower sometimes. Putting away my groceries today was so much more pleasant because I was getting encouragement through podcasts.

Also, I think some things are just better shared through stories. Sometimes the best way to encourage one another is through sharing our stories. And the audio format is perfect for that!

My Podcast Inspiration and Motivation

I know there are several podcasts out there that are geared toward larger families. But the vision I have for my podcast will be a little different than some of the others (that I listen to and enjoy, by the way.) I'm sure this podcast will change and morph over time. And that's okay with me! I'm sure I will learn so much as I get going. But I do have a dream for what the podcast will look like.

First, I want to share a story. Back before I had children, when I was a newlywed, several of my friends and I decided that we wanted to learn important homemaking skills. We took turns meeting at each others' homes, and the woman who hosted that week was in charge of teaching something to the rest of us.

During that time, I learned all kinds of things--sewing projects, baking, and even how to drywall. But after a while, there wasn't much left that a bunch of twenty-somethings could teach each other. That's when we reached out to older women in our church and asked them to teach us. One woman, Linda, in particular took us under our wing. Linda taught us how to garden, how to quilt, how to can food, and so much more. But more than this, it was during this time that we were all starting to have children. She encouraged us through the hard days. And pointed us to Jesus in the good days. I am so grateful for those years. I learned a lot of really important skills that have served me well as I am now parenting eight children. But honestly, what I remember most is the encouragement.

big flock mommas podcast
Antique flamingo set that Linda recently gave me because she wanted to encourage me as I start up this blog and podcast.

And that's what I want to bring to you. Over the years, I've become friends with so many mommas of large families. And if you tell me their names, I can easily tell you something they excel at or could teach. I know women who are excellent homemakers and can share their skills. I know mommas who have made it out of the trenches of parenting small children, and can share wisdom from the other side. I know ladies who have experienced unimaginable heartbreak and have remained faithful to God and serving their families through it alI. These are the women I want to bring on the podcast. These are the women who will teach, encourage, and edify us.

Yes, I will be sharing a lot on the podcast as well--especially in the areas of time management, homeschooling, and organization, because I feel that is the area where God has gifted me. But the overall mission of the podcast is to encourage you and equip you, dear Big Flock Momma, as you are in the midst of parenting all your children (or even if you have a small family and would still like to learn from wise, godly women.) I want you to have a Linda--or many Lindas-- in your life. And I hope that you will invite other mommas to listen and join the community. We could all use some encouragement!

Oh, and by the way, I've already told Linda that she needs to be one of my first guests on the show. You'll love her as much as I do. She still encourages me frequently.

Are you a podcast listener? What topics would you like covered on the Big Flock Mommas podcast?

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