What is Gathering Flamingo Feathers?

Hey there, Momma of a Big Flock! Thanks for stopping by! Chances are if you’ve made it to this blog, you’re looking for a little help and support in your daily life. If you’re anything like me, you love having a large family. But sometimes it’s just a bit overwhelming. Can I get an amen?!

After interviewing nearly 200 large families, I’ve found that the average momma of four or more does not feel adequately trained and equipped to effectively manage a large family, much less THRIVE! Perhaps you didn’t grow up in a large family, so you’ve never seen it modeled. Or maybe your family grew really quickly before you could start effective home management habits. Or maybe you don’t have a large family yet, but you’re thinking about adopting and growing your family with a sibling group. As an adoptive mom of 8 kids, I totally get you! And I want to guide you into success and confidence as you parent your large family. 

We know that Pinterest and Instagram worthy photos of the idealistic family just aren’t true—especially when you’re dealing with a lot of kids, noise, and mess! But at the same time we do want to honor God and see our families thrive!  My mission is to share with you strategies to support and encourage large families—cooking, organization, homeschool, time management and more! And you know what? I’m just a fellow Big Flock Momma learning beside you! I want you to feel confident and equipped in God’s calling on your life to have a large family in a world where having more than 2 kids makes you a little weird. (It’s a good kind of weird, so don’t worry!)

So why did I name this page Gathering Flamingo Feathers? Have you ever gathered up feathers before? No two are alike. And flamingos are especially beautiful and fascinating creatures with intricate feathers that come in all sorts of colors and shapes. Just like those feathers, our children are beautiful with their own unique giftings and callings. And so are our families, for that matter! We’ll all do things differently, and that’s okay. But our mission to be excellent Big Flock Mommas and to glorify God in what we do—that’s what brings us all together!

I want this to be your safe place to relax as we learn from one another. So grab your cup of coffee (it’s still on the counter and it’s cold, isn’t it?!) and let’s journey together!

“She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27