Moms Like You: From Public School and PTA to Thriving Homeschooler, Flamingo Feathers Podcast Episode 8, Special Needs Homeschooling Life, Stacie shares why she homeschools her child with Dyspraxia
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Moms Like You: Stacie Warner | Episode 8

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Moms Like You: From Public School and PTA to thriving homeschoolers" Episode 8 of the Flamingo Feathers Podcast. Special Needs Homeschooling Life. Stacie shares why she chose to homeschool her son with dyspraxia.Stacie is no stranger to homeschooling a child with special needs. It all started with motor skills issues that didn't quite seem right. Once they finally got their son tested and received a diagnosis of dyspraxia, she and her husband eventually decided homeschooling would be the best route for their family.


While it was a challenge to get a diagnosis, now Stacie knows the root cause of her son Jericho's motor planning issues: dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia manifests itself in anything that requires motor planning, such as writing and following directions on grammar homework. But homeschooling has allowed Jericho to thrive at his own speed because Stacie can make the necessary modifications.

"I'm able to make modifications I cannot expect a teacher with 30 something other students to make."


Stacie shared many blessings that her family has seen through their homeshooling journey. Here are few she mentioned:

  • They enjoy learning in a comfortable and fun environment.
  • Her kids have not missed out on anything and have plenty of friend because they still participate in sports, PE, co-ops, etc.
  • Stacie loves that she can do Bible study and use Christian curriculum. As a result, her kids have been able to grow in their walks with the Lord.
  • She can spend as much time as necessary on an assignment, and give her dyspraxic child one on one attention that he wouldn't get in a classroom.


Stacie mentioned that she loves Bob Jones history curriculum. (Honestly, I do too. It does a good job of not skimming over the tough themes of history and is very visually engaging for students. It's what I use to teach my high school students at the co-op.)

Stacie also recommends these two groups for more support with dyspraxia and learning disabilities:

Finally, be sure to check out my Heard It On The Podcast board for more resources on dyspraxia.

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