Flamingo Feathers Podcast interview with moms just like you who are homeschooling their kids with special needs
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Moms Like You: Nheree and Tracy | Episode 4

Nheree and Tracy are no strangers to homeschooling. Both have graduated children from their homeschool, and are continuing on with homeschooling their little ones.

Both ladies started their homeschool journey with teaching their neurotypical children. So naturally, I wanted to know why they decided to continue with homeschooling once their kids with learning disabilities, mental and behavioral health issues, and cognitive delays reached school age.

Join us as both women interject a lot of humor into the conversation. Whether you are just weighing your options or are already homeschooling your kids with special needs, this conversation is sure to be an encouragement!

Special needs that Nheree and Tracy discussed in this episode include: dyslexia, anxiety, auditory processing disorder, sensory disorders, ADHD, hearing loss, borderline intellectual functioning, reading/written expression/math learning disorders, speech-language disorder, major depressive disorder, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), prenatal drug exposures, fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), DMDD, Tourette syndrome, working memory disorders, and general delays.

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