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Yes, ordinary moms CAN homeschool extraordinary kids! Each week on the podcast, Beth will discuss topics that are relevant to special needs homeschooling.  Find the actionable tips, resources, and encouragement you're looking for as you are on your homeschooling journey!

"I wanna be like Beth when I grow up!! While I've been a mom to many longer than this podcaster, she gently reminded me of some things I need to be doing to encourage my children and taught me a few things as well. My only negative is that it's not a daily podcast! Can't wait for the next episode!" ~PEPPY1993

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The Flamingo Feathers podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. Or you can listen to recent episodes by clicking on the button.

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There's something so special about getting to know other moms who truly understand the journey of homeschooling kids with special needs.  In this exclusive group, you'll find encouragement the encouragement you're looking for--all from a Christian perspective. Join this free group now to become a founding member!

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Questions? Suggestions for topics?

I truly believe homeschool moms are the original Queens of DIY. We know how to figure things out and how to get things done. That said, there are times that we just need extra help and support, right?! Let me know how you need support or ask me questions, and I'll address it on an upcoming blog post or podcast episode!